We support social entrepreneurs drive the growth of their businesses without losing sight of their impact. Through the Social Impact Accelerator, we provide highly scalable social enterprises access to markets, talent, capital, and guidance. 

Who qualifies



Social enterprises must have a market-validated business model and annual revenues of at least Php 1 million, and have operated as a formal entity of at least two (2) years.  



We are looking for ventures that are impact-driven at its core, offering innovative solutions to the Philippines’ most pressing challenges and beyond, and are in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Social enterprises must have a clear business strategy and execution plan anchored on its desired impact targets.



Social enterprises must be able to show proof and integrate plans of innovative use or application of technologies to drive growth. They must be able to demonstrate the use of their product and how innovation is used to differentiate it in the market, providing relevant solutions to its target customers.



The company must already be legally registered as a corporation under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  If the business is currently registered under DTI, the company must agree to convert into a corporation within the program duration.

What will you get

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We conduct regular check-ins with the SEs to understand their needs better and align support to what is relevant for their businesses.



Office Hours are meetings where SE Founders are given the chance to consult and gain feedback from key experts. Areas covered during Office Hours include Legal, Design, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Technology, and Fundraising.


The ISIP Social Impact Accelerator helps by building the capacity of social entrepreneurs on key topics based on the result of their needs assessment. We invite resource speakers and industry experts to share their knowledge, insights and experience to the SE Founders.


We hold Pitch Practice sessions for social enterprises to refine their pitch presentations. Sessions are closed events for selected startups and their mentors, who will be able to give advice on how to deliver an effective pitch and win over investors and funders.


Aside from supporting our SEs in the Social Impact Accelerator, we also contribute in strengthening the local social entrepreneurship ecosystem through activities geared towards building partnerships and strengthening collaboration in the community.


Receive topnotch mentorship from some of the most prominent thought leaders in business, technology, and international development! We will match you with the best domain experts you overcome key challenges in your entrepreneurship journey. See our list of mentors here.


We believe that the most effective social entrepreneurs and innovators are those who hold themselves accountable for the impact they create and that they make a conscious effort to measure their impact. We work with Business Call to Action, to be able to provide a framework on how to effectively measure impact and use impact data to make better business decisions.


Navigating through the legal and governance aspects of a business can be tricky, especially in the Philippines. Admitted social enterprises will have access to free legal assistance and services, as well as management advisory services such as tax, audit, and compliance consulting.


We offer selected social enterprises free use of co-working space and facilities, and a venue to interact and collaborate with their fellow SE Founders and alumni of the Social Impact Accelerator.


Drawing from the combined network of PhilDev, UNDP, and the Australian Embassy in the Philippines, we help create meaningful connections to fully support the growth of social enterprises in the Philippines. Our vast network includes corporations, funders, higher education institutions, business associations, nonprofits, government agencies, and ecosystem builders.


The Demo Day is one of the highlights of Social Impact Accelerator. SEs pitch to potential investors, funder, and creditors. We bring together the vast network of UNDP Philippines, PhilDev, and the Australian Embassy in the Philippines, to bring local and international funders and impact investors in one venue. 

Impact Tracks

Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our main framework, we've clustered the SDGs and identified 12 impact tracks for you to classify your social enterprise.

Inclusive & Resilient Communities


Ensure development of rural areas and cities are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable with innovative infrastructure and transportation systems in place

Responsible Production & Consumption


Mindful and sustainable practices in sourcing and manufacturing goods that minimize our ecological footprint and uphold human rights for all stakeholders in the value chain

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene


Enable affordable access to enough safe water for consumption, sanitation, and hygiene

Gender Equality

Empower women and girls and achieve gender equality

Food Security

food sec-07.png

Source sufficient and safe food, while limiting waste and ensuring proper nutrition for all

Innovative Finance

Reach unbanked and underserved individuals through innovative and accessible finance products that promote inclusion and economic empowerment

Learning & Education

Provide access to affordable, inclusive, and equitable quality education and learning opportunities for all

The Future of Work

future of work-07.png

Contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth through increased productivity and decent work, leading to better quality of life

Humanitarian Action

hum action-07.png

Develop affordable, scalable, and accessible solutions to humanitarian crises and build resilient communities

Environment & Energy

envi energy-07.png

Responsible interventions that protect our natural resources and minimize negative impact on the planet, including innovations in harnessing affordable, clean, and renewable sources of energy that do not endanger life on land and on water

Medicine & Healthcare


Promote affordable and accessible quality products and services for health and well-being

Sustainable Agriculture


Innovating agriculture tools, systems, and practices while reducing negative impact on the planet and improving quality of life for communities of farmers and fishers


We've got answers. Refer here for a list of our FAQs and answers.

Read through our Terms and Conditions for a more detailed overview of the Social Impact Accelerator.

Application process

Applications for the 2019 Social Impact Accelerator is now open. Visit http://bit.ly/ISIP_SIA2 to apply online.

While we would like to support as many social enterprises as possible, we regret to inform you that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Want to know if your social enterprise is a fit for the program? Get in touch with us at isip.ph@undp.org and we'll be happy to assist.