ISIP aims to develop the entrepreneurship capacities of SEs, faculty, and students to create innovations. This will help build the pipeline of SEs in the country. ISIP will be conducting activities that will focus on training SEs, faculty, and students on social entrepreneurship and how it complements the Technopreneurship 101 subject in universities and colleges.


Faculty Training on Entrepreneurship

The Faculty Training will bring advance Entrepreneurship Training to faculty members who will teach the Technopreneurship 101 subject that will be implemented beginning academic year 2018-2019. The training will cover topics like value proposition, understanding competitive advantage and market, intellectual property, and market validation. It will also include topics on ethical and social responsibility, globalization, and using the SDGs to measure impact.

Visiting Professors

International professors will share their international experience and expertise on entrepreneurship to local professors, students, and university-based enterprises in selected Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and startup communities. Find out more about the Visiting Professors activity here.

Design Thinking Workshop and National Pitch Competition

The Design Thinking Workshop and National Pitch Competition are for university-based and early stage SEs. It aims to train them with essential knowledge and skills necessary for developing successful SEs through various courses. This will be culminated by a pitch competition where winners will be awarded slots in the Social Impact Accelerator.

Benchmarking in International Universities and Incubators

The Benchmarking visit is a two-week long activity that gives participants opportunities to gain knowledge and experience, and capture best practices on entrepreneurship  in Australian, U.S. and Asian universities and business incubators. The universities that will be visited are University of California Berkeley, University of California Merced, Case Western Reserve University, Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, and University of Washington, among others.

Incubator Management Workshops

Incubators are venues for faculty and students to build their startups. The Incubator Management Workshops will train and equip incubator personnel with the necessary skills in managing incubators effectively. Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs, incubator managers, and/or U.S.-based professors with expertise in incubator management will facilitate the workshops.